BAR (FR/DE) – country doom, slow rock


Date : January 22, 2016

Début : 22:00

Style : ,

Ultra Lounge, Country Doom, Afterhour Slowrock. One could say: Smoke filled backgroundmusic, pure Country-Billy-Blues, songs in cinemascope-Format. Thanks to the music journalists! Hear the dominating contrabass in ”Everything I know”. In ”fuck the world” the guitar sounds similiar to the intro music of a western. Jens teichmann tells and sings darksome lyrics, that remain: ”I had fallen asleep, my body felt like a pretzel.” This simply is the soundtrack you want to hear at midnight in your favourite bar.

BAR released their first Vinyl -” in december 2013. ”Nothing is going to be okay”. With the cologne based record label Rookie-Records,
BAR released their first LP in november 2014. A tour will follow. Isn’t
that good news?